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Jeremy started his career in Image Production prior to leaving school, working as a freelance photojournalist for his local newspaper. After successfully completing a National Diploma in Art and Design where he received qualifications with Distinction, he was then accepted on a Degree level Fashion Design course. He then decides to relocate to London where he is able to pursue his passion in the field of Image Production and Management.

The following ten years see him work in London’s most influential photographic studios. From assistant at the legendary Holborn Studios, Back Hill, he progresses to management position at Metros’ purpose built Photographic hire Studio in Peartree Street. He works with many photographers including: Barry Lategan (Gordon’s Gin, Pirelli Tyres, Marks & Spencer), Alistair Morrison (The Times Magazine, National Portrait Gallery), Nick Knight (Vogue, ID Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Alexander McQueen), Craig McDean (ID Magazine, Vogue), Mauro Carraro, (You Magazine, Hello Magazine, Toni & Guy), Peter Calvin, (Face magazine, Guess Jeans).

He also assists on assignments, both foreign & domestic.


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Torture Garden collaboration:

In 1993 Jeremy started a long-time collaboration with the groundbreaking and legendary Fetish club, Torture Garden. Having documented the club almost since it’s inception in 1990, much of Torture Garden’s early publicity & promotional material is his. Over 25 years documenting Torture Garden have produced two notable book publications containing his ‘TG’ work: Torture Garden: From Bodyshocks to Cybersex (ISBN-13: 978-18-71592-33-7) & Torture Garden 2: Body Probe (ISBN-13: 978-18-40680-04-1), published by Creation Books. And a Video: Torture Garden: Cybersex (RWP: #01). Produced by Dub TV & TG, distributed by Richard Wells Productions.

This ‘Body of Work’ is set to continue.



Skin Two’ contribution:

Jeremy is approached by Skin Two journalist Michelle Olley to join it’s magazine in 1993. She asks him to become a major contributor of image based content for its’ publications, products and events. Skin Two magazine’ provides a platform for emerging talents in the fields of Photography, Design, Modelling, Styling, Journalism, Graphics and Event Production.

He works with: Murray and Vern, Skin Two, House of Harlot, Pam Hogg, Torture Garden, Craig Morrison, Demask and Atsuko Kudo clothing companies.

Clubbing events: Der Putsch, The Skin Two ball, Torture Garden, Club Rub, Club Submission, Demask / Europerve, Sex Maniacs Ball and Street Life. And works with artists: Ron Athey, and Franko B.



Murray and Vern production:

Jeremy was asked to join the fashion designers Murray and Vern while scouting them for a Costume Designer Nicky Rapley, who was styling a production of Dennis Potters’ Cold Lazarus, for a joint BBC / ITV television mini series in 1996.

Since being asked to join Murray and Vern Jeremy’s initiatives have included; Latex clothing construction, production, retail sales & shop management. He has stage-managed live events and been responsible for implementing promotional strategies and producing imagery for retail, advertising and e-commerce use.


Prosthetics for Bob Carlos Clarke (sharks fin)

Financed the printed publication of an artistic collaboration between Murray & Vern, and The Designers Republic. This item he positioned in the Tate Modern, Waterstones, Borders and Magma retail bookshops.